Meet the team

James Tsou-Wong

Fisheries Consultant

James is passionate about wetlands, but his  experience in natural resource management, conservation, research, teaching and administrative duties based on working in institutions in Africa, America and Asia make him a useful addition to the NFDS team.

With over eight years working experience in the field of natural resource management and environmental conservation, James joined NFDS in 2015 to work on a study into the activities of Taiwan’s and China’s long distance tuna fishing fleets in the Indian Ocean. Previously, while at the FAO he worked on protected areas examining perceptions towards inland and marine protected areas to guide discussions on their use as a fisheries management tool. With FishWise in the United States, he worked with other NGOs to develop guidelines for major seafood companies to improve sustainability, traceability, and social practices in their seafood supply chains. He has also worked for the Jane Goodall Institute, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, Khon Kaen University Language Institute, Pennsylvania State University, the United States National Park Service, and the Institute of Zoology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Bio facts

Citizenship: American

Qualifications: MA International Environmental Policy (2013), Monterey Institute of International Studies, BA General Science, Minor African Studies (2007), Pennsylvania State University

Other Training: Intensive Chinese Language Program (Middlebury College).

Countries of Work Experience: Botswana, China, Italy, Kenya, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, United States of America.

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