In 1995, shortly after Namibia’s independence, NFDS began the implementation of a 10-year project commissioned by the Namibian Government and financed by Norad.

The purpose of the project was to establish an MCS system and build the capacity to manage it. Some of the key activities included drafting a Maritime Policy, acquiring patrol boats, training patrol personnel, developing Fisheries Observer programmes, Fisheries Inspectors Courses and evaluating fisheries aspects of the new harbour.

The cooperation between the Namibian Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, NORAD and NFDS provided a good example of a flourishing partnership between government institutions and a private company. In more recent years, NFDS has continued working in Namibia, by for example developing a hake management plan as well as on-going collaboration with the University of Namibia and its Fisheries BSc course.

'The Namibia project is a successful cooperation between private (NFDS) and public institutions in a developing country’  The programme is deemed successful and has strongly contributed to the present competent fisheries administration in Namibia.' Published in 2005 in the News brief of Norad - Bistandsaktuelt 9/2005