First State of the Marine Environment Report for the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem  2014

First State of the Marine Environment Report for the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem 2014

September 2015 – A new report, prepared by NFDS Africa, provides the first compiled overview of the BCLME from a multi-sector view. Although the process of collecting, collating and publicising key information is still in its infancy, this SOMER demonstrates an exciting step for the BCLME community in providing comparable information in a new and standardised manner. This information includes details on the economic and social contributions of the ecosystem, the current and likely future pressures impacting on the BCLME, the state and trends of some key ecosystem health indicators, and past, current and probable future responses to these pressures. Overall the SOMER provides a brief but comprehensive overview of the BCLME.

The report has been produced for a broad audience with the intention of providing easily accessible information to anyone with an interest in the marine environment. It will be of particular interest to those living in the BCLME region with a concern for their surroundings; local communities, private- or public-sector decision-makers and civil servants, resource managers, private sector employees, scientists and students, indeed anyone who wishes to become better informed about the BCLME. The international community, including partners and donors, should find this report useful as an introduction and guide to the human interactions with this complex and challenging ecosystem.

The report was compiled and written by an NFDS Africa team consisting of Sandy Davies, Antonia Hjort, David Boyer and Helen Boyer with support from Per Erik Bergh, Mark Ssemakula, Peter Manning and Elsa da Gloria Pátria.

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The report reference is:

DAVIES, S., HJORT, A., BOYER, D & H.BOYER. 2015. Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem: State of the Marine Environment, 2014. 1st Edition. Benguela Current Commission, Swakopmund, Namibia.