FISH-i Africa is a regional Task Force to stop illegal fishing in the Western Indian Ocean region.

The initiative is a partnership between the eight coastal States (Comoros, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, Somalia and the United Republic of Tanzania), Stop Illegal Fishing coordinates FISH-i Africa and NFDS provides technical advice and input. The purpose of the project is to enable targeted enforcement actions against illegal fishing operators through the use of shared intelligence and information and coordinated analysis.

Peter Sinon, former Minister of Natural Resources, Seychelles - ‘The new element about FISH-i Africa is that before, we were ‘talking the talk’, acting individually, but shooting in the dark, we were not seeing the whole picture. The illegal fishers would play us one against the other, be clean in one port and illegal in another. This is not any more possible or acceptable – as we have acted against it.’

Geofrey Nanyaro, former Chairperson, Stop Illegal Fishing - ‘FISH-i Africa I would say from my experience in the field of 39 years is the cheapest but the most effective method I ever saw, anywhere. You know exactly where the illegal operator is, you know his next move. Before, it was hunting, and you hunted without knowing where you were going to end, with meagre resources, millions of dollars were used without any results. But now we are getting results almost cost free.’

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